When a valued returning client expressed the need to enhance their grain storage capacity, our team eagerly embraced the challenge of constructing a 1300-tonne fully aerated silo, complemented by a U-trough unloading system. This addition not only marked a substantial expansion to the existing 5600-tonne grain silo line which was previously commissioned but also showcased our commitment to meeting the specific requirements of our clients.

U-Trough Unloading Innovation

The commissioning phase of a grain storage project is undeniably crucial, and our team recognizes that even the highest-quality manufactured silos could face challenges if not properly assembled. To ensure the seamless integration of the U-trough unloading system and to guarantee the overall functionality of the silo, our highly qualified mechanical engineers, with extensive expertise in designing various agricultural machines and attachments, played a central role in overseeing and meticulously supervising the entire project.

The incorporation of the U-trough unloading system is a testament to our client’s foresight and their confidence in our ability to deliver tailored solutions. This specialized unloading system facilitates efficient and controlled grain discharge, streamlining the process and enhancing the overall functionality of the silo. Our team’s meticulous attention to detail during the assembly process extends to the U-trough unloading system, ensuring its seamless integration with the silo structure.

As we expanded the grain silo line for this discerning client, we not only showcased our construction prowess but also highlighted our dedication to delivering bespoke solutions. The successful completion of this 1300-tonne silo with a U-trough unloading system reinforces our commitment to excellence and our capability to meet the evolving and specific needs of our clients in the dynamic agricultural sector.

Prefabricated Steel Silo Assembly

Project Location

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